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Beginner’s guide to Instagram Marketing

You must be struggling to market your products and services if you are a recently established brand. Getting your brand out there is not easy in the world of big brands and crazy marketing tactics. You need to understand what makes people attracted to a particular brand. You need to tell a brand story that makes people want to be a part of your community. People should be excited to use the products that contain your brand logo that they would be willing to pay more.

When social media came into the picture in the late 2000s, its success was unprecedented. Soon big brands and corporations were looking for ways to establish their presence in that domain, and social media started shaping people’s opinions, relationships, expressions, and mindsets. Brands realised that days of TV commercials, giant billboards and celebrity infomercials were slowly coming to an end. Social media became the new ‘community get-together’, and brands had to find a way to be a part of it. 

Instagram was launched in 2010 and resembled every other social media app. Instagram Downloader also became quite popular around that time. It was a place to share selfies, pet photos and travel diaries. However, Instagram slowly started taking a different route over the years, and it gradually evolved by introducing videos and story features. Many millennials got bored of Facebook and started joining Instagram for its aesthetics and privacy features. Instagram also developed more engagement in content; people would spend more time scrolling on Instagram than on other apps. Brands realised that this was the opportunity they were looking for.

Fast-forward to 2020, the pandemic has struck, and everyone is restricted indoors due to lockdowns. This was when an unusual phenomenon was observed. People were purchasing more and more stuff online, and delivery executives were running up and down the streets. In certain parts of the world where online shopping was not available, started receiving parcels 24×7. 

This change in consumer behaviour gave Instagram the idea to launch in-app shopping features. These features allow brands to set up their Instagram store without redirecting audiences to their website. Like every e-commerce site, users can now browse products, add items to their cart and checkout through Instagram. You can also add a bot that would take care of customer enquiries. 

With the launch of these features, Instagram has become a combination of e-commerce and social commerce. Brands can now promote their brands and lead them to their shop without forcing the users to leave Instagram. So if you are a brand, there is no look further than Instagram. The app’s robust algorithm makes you visible to your target audience. Insta reel downloader became quite popular as the reels feature was introduced. So let’s look at a few ways to market your brand on Instagram.

Boost your content game

You can publish a shitload of Instagram stuff, including customer photos, memes and short clips to fill up your feed. You’ll need to experiment to see what appeals to your audience the most. This calls for increasing your content creation and updating frequency. Instagram recommends that you post to the site at least once per day. Popular retailers like TopShop and H&M publish content up to three times daily (if not more often). Understanding the ideal Instagram posting timings can help you increase interaction as you continue to release new content.

Utilise free marketing tools on Instagram

Instagram business accounts are similar to Facebook business profiles in many ways. You can check statistics like impressions, engagement data, and more through Insights. You can even receive a breakdown of the followers’ demographics, including their age, gender, location, and peak activity times. Also, insights aren’t merely broad assumptions. You may obtain detailed information on your posts for the week, including the number of impressions you received during that time frame and a list of your most popular articles. These free resources are crucial since they allow you to pinpoint how viewers interact with your material. Your ability to tweak your content to increase engagement will increase as you learn more about how users respond to your content.

Cross Promotion across various apps

The time spent finding the perfect photo and developing a clever caption shouldn’t be wasted. It makes sense to cross-post your material to other social media sites to maximise the payback from your Instagram presence. To increase the reach of your content, you can, for instance, promote your Instagram posts on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Cross-promotion is a wise strategy, but remember that every social media site has its standards. For instance, Instagram frequently uses more hashtags, but Facebook photographs may benefit from a slightly different caption.

Focus on user-generated content

Instagram is a way to make sales, but it is still primarily a platform for sharing experiences. Selfie’s popularity on Instagram and consumer photos and images of people using things in actual environments speak for themselves. Instagram’s ability to allow businesses to advertise more personally without overwhelming followers with messages that scream “BUY NOW!” is a big part of its appeal.

And in connection with that, this is precisely why user-generated material, like customer photos, is so valuable to companies. Customers’ images are powerful marketing tools that demonstrate that people like your items, in addition to the fact that people on Instagram adore it when brands include them.

Develop Sponsored Ads

Instagram advertising is now widely used on the platform.  By establishing an advertising budget, you may decide how much you want to spend on them. The carousel feature allows you to display a single sponsored ad or several adverts. This enables brands to reach their audience in whole new ways. Only users following your account could view your updates and photos before sponsored posts.

Brands may now share their pictures with everyone who falls into the demographics of their target market, extending their reach wider than before. Use compelling content for sponsored advertising that appeals to the target audience you want to show the ad to. Keep an eye on your most relevant content since you can convert it into sponsored advertising. These successful posts can eventually be shared with potential clients as paid advertisements. Run many posts simultaneously to various audiences to increase engagement.


Instagram’s influence and popularity, with one billion monthly active users, are quite apparent. What began as a basic photo-sharing software has evolved into an immersive social experience that allows users to analyse a company’s visual identity.

Instagram users value high-quality content. Post visuals that represent your brand uniquely and authentically or provide your audience with helpful information. By creating engaging captions that are interesting, you can optimise your content.

It may seem overwhelming to develop and manage a platform that reflects your brand’s visual identity, but Instagram makes it enjoyable and simple. 

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