Calendly Pricing: Calendly Free Plan and its Benefits

Scheduling meetings is a common issue in all types of organizations and businesses because you have to consider many different factors. Other than scheduling meetings, it is quite challenging to continuously communicate with all of the concerned stakeholders and ensure their availability. The good thing is that modern platforms like Calendly are available to help you handle such thorough details and schedule meetings quickly. Calendly free plan is highly useful for individuals and small businesses to integrate modern scheduling systems in their working procedures. 

In this article, you will learn all about Calendly and its pricing models. Let’s start with some basics. 

What is the goal of Calendly?

Calendly is meant for organizations and individuals who want to simplify scheduling meetings with team members, clients, or any other individual. It makes the entire process of arranging meetings much quicker by allowing you to post Calendly links on the website and allowing visitors to schedule meetings without any extensive back-and-forth communication. 

The primary goal of Calendly is to help you save time by automating the important procedure of scheduling meetings. Furthermore, Calendly can be synced with numerous business apps and platforms to streamline scheduling and managing meetings. 


Calendly offers one free plan and two paid packages. Calendly free plan is named Calendly Basic, while the other packages are called Calendly Premium and Calendly Pro. It is important to note that Calendly free plan does not give you access to team functionality, and you can use it to schedule one type of event. For example, individual meetings that are 45 minutes long. Furthermore, the Calendly Basic does not include any customizations like customizable email reminders or making changes to the color scheme. 

You can still enjoy significant integration options with Calendly free plan. It can be integrated with major calendar apps to make it easier for you to manage the meetings and keep up with your schedule. 

Calendly free plan is mainly meant for startups, small-scale organizations, and individuals who want to schedule the same kind of event repeatedly. Users who schedule one-off meetings can also use Calendly Basic if they do not have a team that needs automated meeting scheduling. 

Generally, Calendly Basic is famous for sales demonstrations, interviews, freelancing purposes, and support calls. Businesses in the service industry that offers consultation and free estimate services can also use Calendly free plan. 

Premium Packages

Large-scale organizations typically have to schedule different types of meetings and require integrations with various other systems. Therefore, such companies have to subscribe to Calendly Premium for $8 per month or Calendly Pro for $12 per month. Keep in mind that these fees are charged per user and not per team. 

Calendly Premium can be integrated with Zapier, GoToMeeting, and Zoom. Whereas, Calendly Pro can also be integrated with Salesforce, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Stripe, and PayPal. The Pro package also has various other exclusive features like SMS notifications, color customization options, and quickly redirecting the clients to the website. 

If you want to try out the features of Calendly premium packages, you can get its 14-day free trial. Once the trial is expired, you will get Calendly free plan. Hence, you will not have to worry about getting charges unless you choose to subscribe to one of its paid packages. 

The benefit of using Calendly Free Plan

Using Calendly provides many benefits to organizations and individuals. It is useful in saving a significant amount of time in scheduling meetings and consultations both inside an organization as well as with external stakeholders. 

Furthermore, using Calendly paid versions will allow you to integrate with various CRMs and business apps to make the business processes more reliable and efficient. All you have to do is enter your meeting preferences, and Calendly will handle the rest of the processes for you. 

Scheduling meetings can take a significant toll on businesses, especially small companies that have a limited number of employees managing various aspects of a business. In such situations, you should be using Calendly to make scheduling meetings faster and easier and save time and energy to focus on core business activities. 


The bottom line is that Calendly is a reliable, beneficial, and efficient way of scheduling meetings. It offers useful team features that make the entire process of planning, scheduling and managing meetings much easier and faster. 

Moreover, even if you do not want to subscribe to a paid version of Calendly, you can use a Calendly free plan to fulfill your basic needs like scheduling one type of event repeatedly and scheduling meetings within a small business or with a client. 

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