Frankfurt Germany Based 69m Series Raising EUR69m in Series C Funding

The Frankfurt Germany Based 69m Series insurance company uses artificial intelligence to automate their procedures and make the entire claims process as easy as possible. This means that you can make a claim at any time and receive your claim amount right online. You don’t even have to wait for a cheque to arrive; instead, the company transfers the amount directly to your beneficiary’s bank account.

Digital Insurance Manager

Clark, a digital insurance manager based in Frankfurt Germany Based 69m Series (Germany), has received EUR69m in Series C funding from leading venture capital firms. The money will be used to expand the company’s product offering and to increase its customer base. The company currently serves over 450,000 customers in Germany and plans to reach one million by 2023. The company’s unique platform combines data intelligence with the personal touch of insurance advisors.

The startup is backed by Tencent, the Chinese internet giant. The investment will be used to expand the company’s product line and user base, and will help the company hire additional employees and expand its user base in Germany.

Robo-Assisted Wealth Management

Robo-advisors are digital platforms that offer investment advice without the need for human supervision. Several prominent players are now entering this space. Betterment, a popular choice with a good reputation, offers a robo-advisory service with low fees and no minimum balance requirements. The platform also offers cross-selling of products based on a customer’s financial situation.

The company is headquartered in Frankfurt Germany Based 69m Series and has three distinct departments. Each one focuses on a different aspect of financial advice. In addition to their automated rebalancing, they also offer automatic tax-loss harvesting and 24-hour U.S.-based customer service. The company has no management fee and charges a low monthly fee of $30. Both companies also provide SIPC insurance to protect against losses.

Customers Manage their Insurance Contracts

A new digital platform is helping customers manage their insurance contracts, and the company behind it, Clark, is raising EUR69 million in Series C funding. The company aims to make insurance more transparent and affordable by analyzing a customer’s insurance situation and also suggesting better rates or alternate policies. The company was founded in 2015 and also has already served more than 300,000 customers in Germany. It plans to expand to Austria in 2020. Clark’s CEO, Dr. Marco Adelt, has been in the insurance industry for over 30 years, and his expertise in customer experience has helped Clark get a strong user base.

Tencent, a leading Chinese internet company, invested in Clark’s Series C round, which will help the company improve its product and expand its user base. The insurance startup has signed up over four hundred thousand customers and plans to reach one million by 2023. It plans to use the new funds to further develop its product, hire more employees, and expand its user base.

Man-Made Consciousness

Frankfurt Germany Based 69m Series is a company headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. Its strategic plan of action focuses on the creation of man-made consciousness, phenomenal circulation channels, and client care. The company employs over 200 individuals across three departments and is currently pursuing a global client base. They have signed more than one million customers in Germany and also are confident of their ability to scale the business internationally.

The firm has raised EUR69m in a Series C funding round led by Tencent, the Chinese internet giant. The money will be used to speed up development and increase the number of staff members. The company is already serving more than 450,000 customers in Germany, and is targeting one million customers globally by 2023.

Expand Clark’s Product

Insurtech firm Clark, based in Germany, has raised EUR69 million in Series C funding led by Tencent. The money will be used to expand Clark’s product offering and also reach a larger customer base. The company’s mission is to make insurance affordable and also transparent for everyone. Its team has a strong technology background and is focused on ensuring its customers’ safety. Tencent’s investment will also help the company grow its international operations.

Final Words:

Frankfurt Germany Based 69m Series is a leading internet company based in China. This investment will enable the company to scale its recruitment and also procurement efforts, and expand its client base. The company currently serves more than 450,000 clients in Germany, with plans to reach a million by 2023. The money will also be used to enhance its AI-based technology and user acquisition efforts in the German market.

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