Hosting Families on Airbnb: Creating a Kid-Friendly Space

Although short-term rentals are mostly associated with adults, for either solo trips, as couples, or group bookings, there is another important segment that you may not have thought about—families. Having vacation rentals catering to the needs of families, and especially kids, can be a lucrative and rewarding business.

However, designing a space that is properly tailored to the needs of families with little ones needs thoughtful planning and a keen eye for the details. In this piece, we will look at some tips on how to create a kid-friendly facility to host families on Airbnb.

Consider the family dynamics

Families, nowadays, come in many different sizes. Each different family translates to a unique set of needs and preferences. Being able to cater to those needs is crucial as you plan how to set up a family-friendly vacation rental. Keep in mind the demographics that you want to attract. You need to consider the age range of the kids you expect because amenities that would suit toddlers will not appeal to teenagers.

Implement safety measures

If you intend to host families with kids on Airbnb, you must prioritize safety as you design your space. To childproof your rental and enhance security, ensure you implement measures such as fixing furniture to the walls, keeping any fragile or hazardous objects out of a child’s reach, and covering all electrical outlets. Other measures you can take include:

·        Installing safety gates

·        Having window locks

·        Putting in place corner protectors

Generally, the above and other safety measures are crucial and prudent steps to prevent or minimize accidents.

Include kid-friendly equipment and amenities

Because your goal is to enhance the family’s experience during their stay in your property, you need to incorporate amenities that cater to kids. For families with infants, you should consider including cribs, high chairs, changing tables, baby baths, and other amenities that cater to the little ones.  To accommodate the needs of older kids, consider providing board games, toys, books, and entertainment options suitable for their ages. Moreover, designating an outdoor games facility or playground can be a great addition and can help families with kids have a better stay in your vacation rental.

Choose functional layouts and furnishings

 When setting up a kid-friendly space for hosting families on Airbnb, you should opt for a more functional layout that facilitates easy movements and supervision. For furniture, it would be best to go for rounded edges so you reduce the risk of injuries.

Another great idea is to have multifunctional furnishings such as ottomans that come with foldable tables or hidden storage. This can maximize space and minimize potential hazards. However, because breakages and other damages can occur as families or other vacationers stay in your property, as a host you can include a well-thought-out Airbnb security deposit as part of your rental charges. The deposit can take care of such damages and reduce losses on you but if the guests don’t cause any damage, the deposit is refundable.           

Opt for thoughtful design and décor

When aiming to host families with kids, your choice of materials for various items in the property should be well considered. It would help to go for easy-to-clean and durable materials that can stand up to normal wear and tear. For example, you should select stain-resistant and washable fabrics for bedding and upholstery. And for the décor, you cannot go wrong with playful yet timeless schemes that appeal to both adults and kids. You can, for instance, choose bright accents or themed rooms as these can create not only a welcoming but also an engaging atmosphere.

Have clear communication and information

As you list your property for hosting families with kids on Airbnb, you need to ensure transparent and clear communication. It is vital to provide detailed information about the various amenities that will appeal to children and are kid-friendly, highlight nearby family-friendly places or attractions, and explain any house rules concerning kids you may have set. These details and communications are crucial to for effective management of expectations.

Observe safety certifications and regulations

You must familiarise yourself and remain up to date with the safety standards and certifications applicable in your locality. It is also crucial to be compliant with the various local regulations, including fire alarms, safety inspections, emergency exits, and so on. Being compliant and displaying the various certifications can help boost confidence in families looking to rent your space.

Offer engaging experiences and activities

For your vacation rental to appeal to families with kids, you need to go the extra mile and offer engaging activities or experiences custom-designed for families. Some examples of such activities and experiences include movie nights, craft sessions, family-friendly picnics or outings, partnering with local tour companies and guides, etc. These thoughtful additions to your facility can help improve the overall experience and encourage the guest to give your property positive reviews and high ratings.

Train your staff to cater to kids

If you have staff running your vacation rental, say a property manager or other staff, ensure they have relevant skills to cater to families with kids. For example, they should be trained on safety protocols, operating kid-friendly amenities, etc.


As a host looking to host families with kids on Airbnb, you need to have a holistic approach that focuses on safety, entertainment, and comfort. You need to understand the needs of the families you intend to host, have safety measures in place, offer thoughtful amenities, and provide engaging activities and experiences.

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