Know more about PMP Certification cost?

PMP certification is valued by the industry as the standard documentation for project experts & as a project manager who’s looking to include a precious certification, it is the ticket to career achievement in project management. This certification procedure involves a project management training course which is a must for any expert to undergo. India’s three significant cities Chennai, Bangalore & Hyderabad have arrived on the globe as the hub of several of the key businesses. These cities have witnessed big-scale development & are nowadays thriving Indian cities, with many software & financial establishments coming up. This has led to a huge demand for qualified and skilled project professionals and PMP Certification is one such qualification in high demand.

How Much Does a PMP Certification Cost?

Are you among the several professionals looking to earn a PMP certification? Before you start preparing for the Project Management Professional certification examination, you must know what you’re getting into in terms of charge. Learn more regarding the costs related to the PMP examination, and how to plan for these expenses. 

The main components of pmp certification cost are examination charges, training fees, learning material expenses, & practice test simulator costs. Out of this PMP examination fee, which is taken by Project Management Institute (PMI), is standard all over the globe but other costs differ with the country e.g. training fee is much higher in the USA than in India.

PMP examination fee & training fee are the most costly components of attaining PMP certification. The examination fee is $555 whereas the training fee can differ between $200 to $2000. Live training can charge as much as $2000 but online training can charge as little as $200.

HKR Trainings PMP training in London enables you to pass the PMP certification promptly and simply. Project Managers who want to pass the PMP certification exam can attend the PMP Certification training in London.

The PMP examination comprises two types of costs. The primary is examination cost that would be a fixed rate & the second one is training and preparation costs, which are inconsistent and mostly depends on the training institute that you select. Let me pen down additional detail about these costs of PMP certification in India.

1) Examination fee: The PMP final assessment fee is a fixed for anyone attending the assessment from any corner of the globe. Here, PMI registered members do get some additional whereas they need to pay $139 registration fees well in advance prior to applying for the PMP exam.

2) Preparation & Training charge:

Training: As per PMI standard, you must have undergone 35 hours of formal preparation before taking up your PMP test. There are several training institutes providing PMP training at special rates in India. 

Preparation: besides the PMI-issued Project management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) guide, you can very well buy other training materials that can simplify your doubts and explain evidently about the concepts. It is not obligatory that you need to buy them but if you are seeking self-study support then you need to look for different materials and books to recognize the PMP concepts clearly. You can even take up mock tests by paying unconnectedly. There are numerous websites selling these mock tests, pay for them & attend these tests to assess your training level.

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