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Melissa Roxburgh, Actress Manifest

Canadian actress Melissa Roxburgh is best known for her roles in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid films. She also starred as Ensign Syl in Star Trek Beyond and as Olivia Tanis in The Marine 4: Moving Target. Most recently, Roxburgh is starring as Michaela Stone on the NBC/Netflix science fiction drama Manifest. Read on to learn more about Roxburgh.

Popular Drama Manifest

NBC has canceled the popular drama Manifest after three seasons and opted not to renew the series. The producers are still in talks with Warner Bros. TV about reviving the series, but Netflix has decided to back off of its plans. Nevertheless, the ratings of Season 1 and 2 on Netflix are soaring. Producers are hoping to find a new home for the series after the show’s success on Netflix.

Cancellation of NBC’s Manifest

The cancellation of NBC’s Manifest is a blow to its fans, but there’s good news. Many cast members have already signed new deals with Netflix. The show’s creators, J.R. Ramiez and Melissa Roxburg, have also signed new contracts. Despite the cancellation, the cast has rallied behind the show’s revival campaign. The actors have reportedly signed new deals worth millions of dollars.

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Roxburgh’s Acting Career

Roxburgh’s acting career began shortly after she graduated from high school. After appearing in a few small films, Roxburgh had her breakthrough role in Rodrick Rules. The sequel to that movie, Dog Days, featured Roxburgh as Heather Hills. Roxburgh has since appeared in movies like Big Time Movie and Leprechaun: Origins. She also played the lead role of Agent Thea in the canceled series Valor.

NBC Show Manifest of Melissa Roxburgh

The fourth season of the NBC show Manifest of Melissa Roxburgh has been greenlit by Netflix. The series will have 20 episodes, with Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxburgh, J.R. Ramirez, and Ty Doran all set to return. The third season of the show was cancelled by NBC in June, but Netflix picked it up in July. It’s unclear when it’ll air. However, Roxburgh has a devoted following on Twitter.

The show’s popularity has led to multiple cancellations and a renewed run on Netflix. While it’s still not at its highest peak, it’s still generating huge audiences on Netflix. Last weekend, it broke a major streaming record. But despite the cancellation, the show’s fans are not backing down. In a statement, Roxburgh thanked the fans for their support. In the meantime, she’s battling for a new home.

Supernatural Drama Manifest

NBC cancelled the supernatural drama Manifest. The actress, who played Michaela Stone, thanked fans on Twitter for their support. She starred in the series, which followed the passengers and crew of a commercial airliner. The series also starred J.R. Ramirez, Victoria Cartagena, Matt Long, Daryl Edwards, Holly Taylor, and Ed Herbstman. She was born on Dec. 10, 1992.

She has been praised for her role in the NBC drama Manifest, but her true love is satire television. The actress has previously starred in several notable titles before joining the cast of the hit NBC drama. She is a dual citizen of the United States and Canada, which allows her to work in both countries. The satirical nature of the show inspired Roxburgh to search the scripts for clues about her personal life and the lives of those she loves.


The actress is genuinely excited about Manifest’s future, and she is bursting with anticipation about the future. Having read the scripts, Roxburgh is obsessed with the show’s storyline. She often speaks with showrunners at the end of shoots to get the scoop on what’s coming up. Thankfully, the actress’s eagerness to see her character succeed is well rewarded. The series is a big hit on NBC, so the actress is looking forward to seeing how her role on the show will pan out.

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