Norstrat: History, Objectives, and Much More

Norstrat is an IT company based in Norstrat, United Kingdom. Located on a confluence of two rivers, Norstrat is a unique town in Europe. It is the only one in Europe to have a city built on a river. This is why the company offers a wide variety of services. The company has been in operation for over ten years and has grown to more than 100 workers.

Variety of Services

Norstrat began in 1988 with the help of metropolitan and also military employees and has grown to include a variety of services. Clients include World Bank Group and Charles Schwab & Co.; which Walt Disney owns. The company has been an innovator in its field, winning numerous awards from the American Marketing Association. This company specializes in helping companies build their brands and also has won multiple accolades from industry associations, including the prestigious Effie Award.

Peter & Alex

Peter and Alex founded the company, two former members of the Canadian armed forces. While they were struggling to find jobs, they decided to form Norstrat, and it’s grown into an effective organization today. The firm now employs over one hundred people and continues to grow. In its first year of operation, Norstrat created its trademark. Throughout its history, the company has won several awards and accolades for its work.

Government & Military Personnel

Norstrat’s history goes back to the late 80s when a government and military personnel founded the company. The company grew into a significant industry by providing consulting and outsourcing services. With their experience in communications and management, they were able to find a niche and set up shop. Since the founding of Norstrat, the company has been able to develop its services and also products to match the needs of its clients.

Social Media Marketing Services

The company’s ancestors came from Canada and started as a small agency with just one office. It expanded to the United States, but it’s still headquartered in Canada. Today, Norstrat is a highly regarded strategic consulting firm with strong links to the government and military. As an integrated communications company, Norstrat provides everything from public relations to digital strategy to social media marketing services. Customers from various industries are drawn to the diverse range of services and expertise that Norstrat offers.

Norstrat was founded in 1922. It was the first private company in the world to develop wireless technology. The company worked with major oil companies in developing new techniques and business models. It also received the Order of the British Empire from Queen Elizabeth II. The company is still in the early stages of development, but it is on track to have a working product by the end of this fiscal year. It is important to note that Norstrat is the only one in the world to have online police.

Global Leader

Founded in 1918, Norstrat has made great strides in two years. Its focus on growing small companies has helped it become a global leader in technology. Its mission is to improve the quality of life for children worldwide. The company’s website offers information on the company’s history and services. Further, it serves as a consulting firm for a variety of industries. Its clients include World Bank Group, Charles Schwab & Co., and the Walt Disney Company.

Consulting Services for Small & Large Businesses

The company was founded by Lee Carson and also Peter Levy in 1988. Their collaboration with industry leaders helped the company grow in its first year of operations. Norstrat has since expanded to other countries, including the United States and Canada. They offer a full range of consulting services for small and large businesses. They can help companies develop new brands, implement new business models, or launch new products. Peoples has offices in both Canada and the United States.


Norstrat started out as a small agency with one office and has now expanded to other countries worldwide. They still maintain a local office in Norstrat and a branch in Canada. The company is a leading strategic consulting firm with strong ties to the military and also the government. They offer services for the economy, political environment, and also public relations. Norstrat is a global player, offering a wide range of services to help businesses reach their goals today world pro.

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