Vintage Look Guide: Top Fashion Pieces You Shouldn’t Miss

Do you ever want to travel back in time because you are a fan of old-fashioned things? The easiest and least problematic way is to purchase vintage items. Whether it is a manual gadget, a utensil, or an outfit, you will surely never get enough of the amazing quality of the items. It has become trendy to go fashion-forward by looking back or using the classic or dubbed as vintage pieces.

Fortunately, dressing up to the nines with a vintage outfit is easy, as long as you know the era and style you are aiming for. Read this run down for a brief guide of the top fashion pieces that will help you achieve that amazing vintage look.

1. Luxury Watch

Timepieces are a great way to start. There are many collections among brands out there. Rado excels in offering vintage watches. Among this variety of timepieces, the Rado Captain Cook stands out the most. Looking closely, you will find more than what you expected. These kinds of luxurious accessories provide you with a vintage fever look. It is a perfect way to establish your love for the classics. Rado has a rich history in watchmaking. They have what you need with the look that you are going for. You have to acknowledge the purpose beyond fashion and style. Let everybody know that there’s such a thing that will never go out of style.

Now, if you are looking for a specific recommendation for you, try the Captain Cook Automatic Brown Dial Men’s Watch. This R32505305 model is a stainless steel-cased timepiece that has a luminescence dial finish perfect to match your outfit. It comes with a leather band completing the vintage feeling you want to shine through. From 1,749 USD to 2,000 USD, you can afford this watch and live up to the fantasy. For another option, try the 42 mm Rado Captain Cook Automatic Bronze Watch. Apart from its unique color, the model R32504407 will be one of your luxury pals. Enjoy the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. It goes well with a red-colored dial and a textile band. For a whopping price of almost 2,600 USD, you can finally own a timepiece that will suit not only your taste but your elegant fit. These are only two pieces that you must see. Remember that these vintage watches will make a great impression on timepiece collectors too. It is a great way to get someone’s attention. Starting a conversation is hassle-free! To get the best deals on watches, visit WatchShopping.com to avail discounts and sale items.

2. A Smart Pair of Shoes

Aside from watches, what shoes you wear matters. If you are new to knowing people living a luxurious lifestyle, one of the first things that they notice is your shoes. Shoes are the perfect items to showcase your social status. Vintage stores have great shoe selections. These days, some people even consider it as an investment. It just needs good upkeeping.

Why should you be critical with shoes? Because a well-chosen pair will help you elevate your style. How do you know that you picked the right one for you? Well, it comes with the history of the brand, its style, and how comfortable you are when you’re wearing it. Usually, when it’s easy to carry, that is a good sign. Make sure the vintage shoes you buy have no signs of wear and tear. Wedgies, oxfords, and bucks are some of the best examples. It goes easily with any classic outfit you wear. So do not hesitate to look for it and try them on!

3. Limited Edition Bags

After picking the perfect luxury watch and shoes, head over to searching for bags to match. Vintage and limited edition pieces are the best kind. This item speaks a lot, especially to women who collect bags. Vintage handbags are easy to imitate and it takes a good eye for quality to find real ones. There are plenty of ways to verify an original handbag, but the most common thing for companies is to add codes for item models and putting certificates. So try and open your high-end vintage bags and start checking. These are just a few tips before you start to consider buying one. These vintage-looking bags don’t need to be old by age. Look for the ones that ooze with classic charisma and that will be enough. 

Anyway, it is one of the best items to own when you want to pull a classic look. Plus, it’s a good investment. 

4. A Statement Jewelry

Finally, a piece of great grand jewelry will serve as the cherry on top of your choice. Diamonds, rubies, and pearls that come in a set bring out that classic vintage style. A good necklace can easily give the pop your outfit needs. Remember those pearl earrings that your mom inherited from your grandmother? Or the family heirloom passed from every generation? These accessories will complete the look you are going for. 

But of course, buying from a luxury brand doesn’t give the same sentiment. Either way, they are a great stunner and will make you shine. There are a lot of people who consider these as their treasures too, and not just like any other investment. They are just that precious to have!


There you go! These are the top style pieces you must have to make the vintage fantasy real. Of course, your outfit plays as the foundation of it but these items will make it even more astonishing. Whether you are out to a themed event or just casually living up your aesthetic, you will not lose in your style game.

For a luxury watch, go for the Rado brand and get an excellent timepiece. You will surely get a great pick that will suit your exquisite taste and style. Check WatchShopping.com website to get started. Do not forget to find all the necessary items. Start hunting for that rare pair of shoes or that limited edition vintage handbag. Lastly, sparkle and shine with your choice of jewelry.

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