Why do we have to mine the Helium Token or Helium Coin?

No, the truth is that many other electronic currencies or tokens can be mined, but we are going to base ourselves on a platform that allows us to build a mesh of Helium Coin miners and thus also earn residuals from what our referrals generate. Helium is one of the only cryptos that is mined through a Mesh that means mining mesh. What is done is that they unite many devices called hotspots to mine.

Referrals? Another multi level?

No, it is not another multilevel but it does use the levels of referrals to earn percentages of what these users who register on the platform mine.

Can you mine helium yourself?

Yes, you can buy a hotspot yourself, set it up and start mining helium. We recommend Rak MNTD Miner. But doesn’t it sound better to do it in a network where you can earn money with what your referrals generate?

How much does the Helium hotspot cost?

We have been looking on the internet and there are several hotspots to mine this cryptocurrency that cost about $550, but in our case the price is free, you only have to pay for the delivery of the device to your home. It all depends on the country where you are, the shipment will be one value or another.

In other words, the investment that has to be made is only paying for the delivery of the helium hotspot. Note that you can also build your referral network without physically having a hotspot and only collect the residuals generated by your referrals. With this explanation the doubts of helium hotspot price are resolved

What platform are we going to use to make money mining Helium?

The reality is that just by mining helium we are already going to be making money, the hostpot generates approximately 12 coins per month.

Is mining helium profitable?

After the evolution of the coin on the coinmarketcap site, there is no doubt that mining is profitable. In addition to the low costs of having a helium miner or hotspot since it spends like an internet router. The profitability of mining helium is more than clear after seeing the evolution.

How much do you earn mining helium?

The hotspot will leave you approximately 12 coins per month. Does this device consume a lot to mine Helium?

The truth is that the great drawback when it comes to mining is the high consumption that the mining rings have, but this helium hotspot is like a Wi-Fi router and spends as such. We can say that at most you are going to spend about 30u$ per month depending on which country you are in with this hotspot, that if you subtract it from what you are going to be generating just by mining it is already viable. Note that we have put a high energy cost so that you can do the calculation, but what a hotspot device actually spends per month does not exceed 2 to 3 dollars. Furthermore, if you add the affiliate mesh commissions you generate, you can be earning a few more dollars.

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